Deeper Articles

Greetings! Just as on the Technology Blog, here are some longer articles relating to the Sisyphus topics- if you’re looking for something a little richer with your coffee – then this Baker’s half dozen samples should feed that need.

Simple Wisdoms. Difficult Lessons?
What’s the value and purpose of a Quote?

18+1 bits of advice for Speakers
If you are a speaker, or deal with speakers – you might find humor here.

Notes to a Novice Manager
Some simple concepts for anyone on the road to Management

Hunting Gorillas in Corporate Corridors
On the art (and consequences) of ignoring the issue

The Art of Problem Solving
IA smorgasbord of PS ideas and concepts

Great Job! But…
How one little word can ruin your intent

The Motivation Contradiction

Is it really true that we can’t Motivate employees?If you’d like more of these… more than 100 articles, take a wander over to my publications directory. Clickie here!

Enjoy the day!
Peter de Jager


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