Leaders don’t need to be present

September 2, 2007 at 9:32 am Leave a comment

The final test of a leader,
is that he leaves behind him, in other men
the conviction and the will to carry on.
NY Tribune 14 Apr 1945

Focusing on the gap between leadership and management is one way to zero in how they differ. There’s another quote, a much older one that echoes the same chord for me:

Achilles absent, was Achilles still – Homer

What is it about true Leadership that makes it possible for the mere memory of the person to suffice as motivation? I think that’s a question we each have to ask and answer for ourselves. (That’s what the comment box is for)


For myself, a leader represents what I might become if I always acted true to my abilities. With that said, a list of people I view as leaders, and the list of people seen by others as leaders who I’d discount as real leaders becomes more a list of my personal goals and aspirations than a list of names.

Is it any wonder they don’t have to be present to motivate me? I’m always here, and with them providing proof of my ideals – that’s sufficient.

So? Care share? Who are your leaders – and hence – who are you striving to be?


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